Chatting with the Stars:

Astrological Insight for Everyday Life

Everyone asks, “What’s your sign?”… but DID YOU KNOW there is SO much more to Astrology than just your ‘sign’? Your sun-sign is what people are referring to. Your identity/self-image and where the sun was when you were born (i.e. Taurus (stable), Gemini (witty), Cancer (nurturing), etc). Our ego and self image are BIG stuff, and makes sense why all general horoscopes stop at the sun sign.
BUT consider this- your sun sign is one of MANY aspects of your chart. And monthly horoscopes just don’t do it for us. This is because you are unique and your horoscope shouldn’t be generalized to span a whole month. We get down to the minute of you birth time to talk about the important things happening in YOUR LIFE. Sign up below- there is always more to learn about your chart!

What to expect: Sandy Rueve and Susan Gidel, both knowledgable & practiced astrologers, want to bring the stars down to earth for you! Appointments are in 15 min increments.

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